50th Anniversary Favors, Cake Toppers, and Decorations Make a Golden Celebration.

Divorce rates are quite high all over the world so these days it’s almost remarkable when a married couple is together for a whole decade, yet alone five decades! That’s why a 50th wedding anniversary is an amazing, golden event. It definitely requires a unique celebration. You can get special 50th anniversary favors and decorations made just for this huge milestone. You can have decor that announces your big ceremony to appropriately celebrate your big day. Whether you choose to enjoy this special event with friends and family or alone as a couple, there are many things that can help you plan a memorable day.

If you decide to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with some special alone time, a great idea is to take a fabulous vacation together. You can take ago on a relaxing and tranquil Caribbean cruise or toast your commitment over a glass of French wine in Paris. Wherever you decide to spend your time, make sure to take pleasure in your intimate anniversary.

There are other ways you both can enjoy a private party. You could share a romantic candlelight dinner and a bottle of champagne at a classy, gourmet restaurant. During dessert, you can give each other meaningful gifts. Remember, it’s a golden year so shop accordingly! Or just skip dessert at the restaurant and have your favorite cake somewhere more private. Cakes can be custom made for this occasion. You can even get a cake that is crowned with a golden 50th anniversary cake topper!

Often friends and family members will want to get together to throw you a party on their own. Usually, if you have children, they’ll be the ones in charge of planning the anniversary party. But there are many other people who may want to get involved as well. The planner should send out invitations for the party that matches the rest of the theme. Usually, gold is the theme in honor of the significance of this golden achievement.

So how can this theme be incorporated in the party planning? One way is to serve gold-tinted wine. For dessert, you can order some delicacies that are rolled in golden flakes. You won’t find these things at just any party so it will add some elegance and uniqueness to your event. Gold really is the perfect theme for a 50th anniversary and it makes the planning much easier. You can even use candies covered in gold wrappers as party favors.

Most of these events are usually somewhat intimate and formal but they don’t have to be. If you would rather have a big party with live music and dancing, then share that information with the ones throwing the big bash. On the other hand, if you do want something a little more laid back and subdued, have the entire family meet at a nice restaurant to enjoy a meal together. Close friends can also be invited, especially if they’ve been a part of your life for a long time. No matter which way you go, subtle or splashy, make it a golden event you’ll never forget!

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Gifting A Cake For An Anniversary.

There are special occasions in an individual’s life which calls for celebration. They could be birthdays of a family member or close friend, the date a house was bought, first romantic date, first anniversary of marriage – they are best known as milestones in life etc. The gift should be such that the concerned person should be reminded of the same day that became the one of the best occasions of life.

Individuals, residing in foreign countries, can have their family members rejoice on an anniversary by clicking the option of send anniversary cake anywhere via an online cake website. Since it is the norm today, to send a specially designed cake for any occasion, directly to the doorstep, it is vital to have knowledge of some points that can adorn the festive mood.

The online website should have a worldwide reputation of being one of the best in its taste, quality and delivery service. In this article information will be given on the five useful tips for choosing the best anniversary cake to be sent to India.

  1. Choose The Flavour For The Anniversary Cake
    The flavour should suit the occasion and the nature of the individual. There are a whole set of choices for anniversary based cakes on every well-renowned cake baker websites. In case, the design is not satisfactory, there is always an option provided on any cake servicing website to have a personal touch.
  2. Number Of Persons And The Type Of Anniversary Cake
    Kindly imagine, the individual takes every minute detail in consideration to send anniversary cake to India. If the numbers of attendees are more, it will be a major embarrassment for the entire family.
  3. Choosing The Best Anniversary Cake Vendors
    Checking their website will also give more worthy ideas and numerous anniversary cake types to grace the grand gala event.
  4. Budget
    In recent times, stiff competition has forced many businesses to offer the best quality products at reasonable prices. It is wise not to bargain, as the cake will get the best dressing, there is, in the form of fruits, toppers etc. The result of taking the initiative for the specific landmark should be fulfilled.
  5. Placing The Order
    With tumultuous incidents happening all over the world, it is better to order the cake before the anniversary date. That way, the individual can ensure the cake is designed as per the requirement. The online company, on its behalf, instead of scrambling at the last minute, can breathe easy, offer the best service and have the cake ready in all its creativity and fest delivered at the right time.

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Steps to Planning a Wedding.

Your wedding will be one of the most exciting days of your life, and probably the biggest and the most important event you will ever plan. There are so many details to take care of; from the initial engagement party right through to the last dance at the reception. It is essential to get organized with an outline of tasks.

  1. Choose a date. Remember to consider weather conditions, holidays, and prior obligations you or any of your most important guests may have.
  2. Compose a realistic budget and stick to it. The current average cost of a wedding in the United States is close to $30,000. You may able to afford more or less, but either way it is important to keep spending in check.
  3. Find a venue for both the ceremony and reception. Your selection may be based on ambience, convenience or sentimental reasons. Keep in mind that popular locations can be booked months ahead of time.
  4. Notify the friends and family members you’ve chosen to be in your wedding party. Remember that serving as a bridesmaid or groomsman is a big commitment of time and money, so be considerate.
  5. Buy a dress. Explore your options but don’t get overwhelmed by differing opinions. Be true to your tastes and go with your instincts.
  6. Don’t forget your husband’s tuxedo!
  7. Contact local vendors to arrange details such as flowers, live music, disc jockey, table settings, linens, centerpieces, lighting, programs, hors devours, cocktails, dinner menu, hair and makeup, jewelry, wedding cake, guest favors, ceremony officiants, photographer and videographer.
  8. Select rings. You’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, so make sure it is comfortable.
  9. Create the guest list. Mail save the date cards four months before the wedding and formal invitations two months after that.
  10. Plan your honeymoon. Many people choose a tropical beach destination, but you should go any place where you and your new husband can relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Unless you have unlimited time and money, you are probably going to need some assistance in planning your big day. Enlist the help of friends and family, and take advantage of online wedding service databases.

Whether you live in the North Pole or in Phoenix, Arizona, wedding professionals who specialize in your area can help you plan the memorable event you’ve always dreamed of.

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Forms of Birthday Cakes.

There are several ways one can get birthday cakes. Most of the time we like to order the cake from a well known store that creates the cake according to your design. The cake should be made according to your specifications.

There are other cake stores that are willing to deliver the cakes straight to your house. When looking to buy birthday cakes make sure you have gone through the other stores that are out there and find out that the store that you are using is the best and deliver the birthday cakes to your place on time.

Birthday cakes are often for children who like to see the cake in the form of their favorite character. You might find cakes that look like Spider man, batman, superman and any other cartoon or comic book superheroes and characters. Some people like to go all out and they make their cakes in form of cars they like as well as any other. You must learn how to store the cake in your refrigerator so as it stays fresh. Especially if the cake comes earlier than the due date and it has to stay overnight, getting a bakery is easy if you use the internet or find out from other what bakery they use, especially if they had a cake you enjoyed to eat at their birthday.

When celebrating a child’s birthday the first thing that should come to your mind before even what present you are buying him or her is the birthday cake because it will be the center piece and the highlight of the birthday. Just find out who your child’s favorite cartoon character or superhero is and roll with that.

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Self-Made Cakes For Your Beloved.

The next thing that happens is you see yourself blowing the candles while everyone sings the all time favorite happy birthday song.

In every occasion cakes are always the focal point. Cakes comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles of presentation. Moreover, it is both a beauty and a treat to everyone due to its different flavors. Many people prefer to buy ready-made cakes on pastry shop because of their busy lifestyles but nothing compares to the thought of giving someone a cake you made all by yourself.

In making a cake, there are several factors you need to consider. You have to consider the occasion, the color and the overall appearance of the cake as well as the flavor and the frosting. Of course, you will want to create a cake that will surely be enjoyed by the one who will receive it.

It makes the receiver feel special. Additionally, it is a thoughtful way of showing love, gratitude or appreciation to a person. The entire process may seem daunting but in the end, the difficulties you went through will pay off when you know that you made someone happy.

If you are a busy type of person, you can still put work on designing the cake with frosting.

Circle is the most common shape of cakes but there are other different shapes and sizes for various types of occasions. If you find it hard to make a perfectly shape cake you can always customized your work and just cover the layer of cake with frosting for that superb final touch.

Making cake doesn’t have to be tiring. It can be fun especially when you can share it with your family. It can be a bonding moment with your loved ones. Everyone can benefit from it including the ones who is going to receive it. You are sure to please that special person with your wholehearted effort of giving a homemade cake.

If you want to make cakes for that special someone you have all the reasons to do so, birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, these are a few occasion where you can make one for them and make them feel loved.

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Cake-Baking Secrets for Perfect Cakes.

Everybody loves cake, and it’s even better when you can make it yourself. If you get really good at it, you might even make a career out of it.

Pre-made cake mixes tend to be heavy. This not only makes it difficult to mix them, but can also make the finished cake feel heavy in your stomach. To avoid this undesirable heaviness, simply get some meringue powder.

In addition to wanting your cake mix to be light, you don’t want it to be too dry. Here’s a secret for making moist cakes: use unsweetened applesauce in place of oil. Unsweetened applesauce is also healthier than oil, making your cake slightly more attractive to guests who are watching their diet.

They stick to the measuring spoon, the mixing bowl and your fingers, making it hard to mix your cake batter properly. To avoid a sticky mess, spray measuring cups and spoons with non-stick cooking spray before you start pouring honey or other sticky ingredients into them. You can also spray mixing blades with this spray to make it easier to mix your cake.

In addition to sticky ingredients, you may have to use cold ingredients such as sticks of butter or eggs. If your butter is still too cold to work with by the time you’re ready for it, put it in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds to soften it.

An undercooked cake will fall apart, not taste right and may contain bacteria such as salmonella that can make people sick. Sometimes your cake can look baked on the outside but still need to be cooked on the inside. When your oven timer rings, remove the cake from the oven, but don’t turn the oven off yet. Check whether the cake is done by inserting a toothpick into it and pulling the toothpick out again. If the toothpick comes out clean, your cake is baked on the inside. You may have to put the cake back for three to five additional minutes before testing it again if your toothpick doesn’t come out clean.

Cake baking takes patience. Once the cake comes out of the oven, you’ve only completed the first step. Now you have to frost it. Frosting cakes allows you to express your creativity; you can use colors and designs to express a mood or simply make something beautiful. However, you can’t frost the cake while it’s hot; the cake may crumble or the frosting may melt if you try to do so.

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Wedding Cakes and the Guests Who Love Them – Buying Tips to Protect Your Wallet and Tastebuds.

As a young lass (or lad) growing up, you’re probably used to cake at parties. After all, a birthday party without cake and candles is really just a get together in my book. That said, for the grandest of your parties, you must have the grandest of all cakes!

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about what a wedding cake is. If you don’t know that by now, you have problems too big to solve through a web article.

But simple as they are, here are the FAQs most couples have when purchasing.

Are they expensive?

Yeah. They’re a lot of dough! Sorry. Couldn’t help it. On average, Americans spend $575 on their wedding cakes and average around $3 per slice.

Why do some wedding cakes taste really bad? Are they frozen or baked fresh?

Ever been to a really great wedding, eaten a delicious meal, and had it topped off with a something that tasted like styrofoam wrapped in stale butter? Chances are good that the cake you ate was baked the night (or two) before and frozen until ready for serving. Not all frozen cakes are bad. They are baked to be frozen, and most good bakers know how to bake in a way to preserve the moistness and flavor you expect (and pay a fortune for).

Most bakers are reluctant to tell you whether your cake will be baked fresh or frozen beforehand. But you’ll get a good ideas based on how many weddings they can do in a weekend. If they’re serving cakes for 10+ weddings in a single weekend and it’s a small one-shop operation, there’s a pretty good chance the cake is being frozen beforehand. Otherwise, it’s mathematically impossible to bake 10 huge cakes in one morning.

How do bakers set their price?

One of the big cost drivers is the number of levels of your cake, or in cake parlance: “Tiers.” The higher the number of tiers, the more baking there is to do. Not only that, wedding cakes become more fragile as you add tiers. This adds to the complexity when delivering and will increase your pricetag.

Also, you should consider whether the cake tiers should be stacked right on top of each other, Big Mac-style. Or if you want small columns separating the layers of the cake.

Should I get fondant vs. buttercream frosting?

In my opinion, this decision comes down to one of taste vs design. People who make wedding cakes love fondant because it frees up their design possibilities. You can color fondant to any shade (think Tiffany blue!), mold it to any shape, and it’s easy for the baker to work with.If you plan on an elaborate design, or prefer an untextured look, fondant is for you. Be warned, however, that many people don’t like the way fondant tastes. It has a thick waxy feeling to it and is very sweet. It’s something to be tasted before purchased.

Buttercream frosting is when your focus is on taste. Hello people?! It’s got the word “butter” AND “cream” in it. The word alone tastes delicious! Buttercream is more of a traditional frosting style for wedding cakes, because of it’s white color and universal taste appeal. It can be used for almost any cake flavor (fruit filled, chocolate, vanilla, etc.).

What flavors do wedding cakes come in?

But…oh how the times have changed! These days you can fill your cake with just about any type of fruit, liquer or cream center. You can even mix the cake layers so some are different flavors from others. A surefire way to find the first compromise for a newlywed couple! Be warned, however, that some bakers will charge you extra for having multiple flavors in the same cake. Definitely ask upfront if this is the case with your baker.

What fruit fillings go in wedding cakes?

If you decide to go with a fruit filling (and I highly recommend that you do, and then invite me to eat the leftovers), you should always be focused on picking a fruit that is in season at the time of your event. Remember that wedding cakes are ordered well in advance of the wedding day, so the fruits in season at the time of order may be different than what’s in season on the wedding day.

Ordering out of season fruit generally increases the cost, and adds risk that your cake won’t taste as fresh baked.

How does a cake that big fit into the backseat of my Civic?

Great question. It doesn’t. It fits into the back of your baker’s cargo van, and sometimes they charge you for this service. Make sure you ask if there are delivery fees associated with the cake. This can be hidden, so be sure to ask. Also ask how much decorating the baker will do when they drop the wedding cakes off. Will the dress it with flowers? Or leave it on the door step for someone else to “deal” with?!

What about the cake provided by the wedding reception site?

What about ignoring it? That cake is being outsourced to a baker skilled in the creation of wedding cakes, then it’s being brought to your wedding and added to your bill with a nice profit markup for the reception hall. There is almost no instance when it makes sense to order this cake over one you can get direct from a baker.

Be warned, however, that some reception facilities will CHARGE you for bringing in a different cake. They will refer to it as a “plating” fee or some other such nonsense, but it can cost over $1 per person if your facility charges such a fee. Better to ask upfront to avoid any surprises to your budget.

How many cake pieces do I need?

All you need is this formula: # of Guests – 10 = Number of Pieces needed.

Are wedding cakes coordinated with the reception flowers and other decorations?

You bet they are. In fact, wedding cakes are often the centerpiece of the décor for many weddings. Your baker will be familiar with his/her role as it relates to dressing up the cake for the wedding. But you should always discuss specifically what the baker will do upon delivering the cake. Sometimes the florist decorates the cake, but many bakers are happy to use the flowers that are being used for your wedding. But that means the florist needs to set aside some flowers to be used as cake decorations, and that means the flowers need to be delivered before the cake is delivered. See how that all ties together?

Keep in mind too that when using fresh flowers as cake decorations, be sure that none of them have been sprayed with pesticides or other inedible chemicals.

What do I do about a cake cutter?

Traditionally, couples pulled out a fancy cake cutter (like Excalibur or something) to make the ceremonial first cut of the wedding cake. The cake cutter then became another memento from the big day. If budget is an issue, we suggest you add a cake cutter to your gift registry as an item a guest might provide for you.

Alternatively, bear in mind that the reception halls almost always have a decorative cake cutter you use for your cake cutting. That prevents you from having to buy your own.

What is the groom’s cake? And do I need one?

Traditionally, the groom’s cake was a dark fruitcake and was sometimes served by the groom during the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes the groom’s cake was a few small cakes that were individually wrapped and handed out to guests to take home. The female guests would tuck these cakes under their pillows that night and dream of the man they would one day marry!

Today, the groom’s cake is still popular at southern weddings but in other regions it is seen as a completely optional way to add some extra flair to the wedding. It’s the one opportunity the groom has to show his affection for football with a cake shaped like a football helmet! Usually the cakes are dark (outside and filling), and there’s a good chance if you order it from the same place making the wedding cake, you can get a pretty significant discount on it.

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