5 Quick Tips on How to Buy Wedding Cakes

Cakes can be one of the main attractions at any wedding reception. Choosing the right cake can be made a little bit easier with these quick tips.

Tip 1: Choose the right cake shop
If you have a favourite bakery in your city, then that could be the best place to start. You can ask for recommendations from your friends or family also. The availability of cake decorators might be restricted so make sure you visit the cake shop to talk about the designs, flavours and any extras you want to add to your cake. Make sure to give them a detailed description of exactly what you want your cake to be or better still take a picture with you. Make sure you give the baker enough time to prepare, approximately six months ahead of your big day would be ideal. You may need to pay a deposit for this.

Tip 2: The right taste
Apart from the look of the cake, bear in mind that cakes are made primarily for eating and should taste as good as they look good. The texture and flavour of the cake itself is important. When searching for a cake shop, ask for cake samples of the flavours you want.

Tip 3: Check on your budget
Wedding cakes Phoenix vary greatly in price. The cost primarily depends on the cake design you would like. Something with an elaborate design is obviously going to cost more as you have to pay for the cake decorator’s fee on top of the cost of the cake itself. Most cake shops can tell you the standard number of servings for each cake type so keep in mind the number of guests are attending your wedding so you will know how much money you would allocate for the cake.

Tip 4: Flowers as decorations
Flowers have always been a tradition at weddings. You can also put them on cakes, either fresh flowers or artificial ones. If you are choosing fresh flowers make sure that they are free from chemicals. If you are not sure which flowers to choose the perhaps sugar flowers might be safer.

Tip 5: Where to put the cake
If you wedding is on a hot summers day your cake might end up melted under the heat of the sun. In case of this you should try and find somewhere in a cool shaded area. Never place your wedding cake near the dance floor where it can easily be knocked over and also make sure that you have a sturdy table to place the cake on.

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