50th Anniversary Favors, Cake Toppers, and Decorations Make a Golden Celebration.

Divorce rates are quite high all over the world so these days it’s almost remarkable when a married couple is together for a whole decade, yet alone five decades! That’s why a 50th wedding anniversary is an amazing, golden event. It definitely requires a unique celebration. You can get special 50th anniversary favors and decorations made just for this huge milestone. You can have decor that announces your big ceremony to appropriately celebrate your big day. Whether you choose to enjoy this special event with friends and family or alone as a couple, there are many things that can help you plan a memorable day.

If you decide to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with some special alone time, a great idea is to take a fabulous vacation together. You can take ago on a relaxing and tranquil Caribbean cruise or toast your commitment over a glass of French wine in Paris. Wherever you decide to spend your time, make sure to take pleasure in your intimate anniversary.

There are other ways you both can enjoy a private party. You could share a romantic candlelight dinner and a bottle of champagne at a classy, gourmet restaurant. During dessert, you can give each other meaningful gifts. Remember, it’s a golden year so shop accordingly! Or just skip dessert at the restaurant and have your favorite cake somewhere more private. Cakes can be custom made for this occasion. You can even get a cake that is crowned with a golden 50th anniversary cake topper!

Often friends and family members will want to get together to throw you a party on their own. Usually, if you have children, they’ll be the ones in charge of planning the anniversary party. But there are many other people who may want to get involved as well. The planner should send out invitations for the party that matches the rest of the theme. Usually, gold is the theme in honor of the significance of this golden achievement.

So how can this theme be incorporated in the party planning? One way is to serve gold-tinted wine. For dessert, you can order some delicacies that are rolled in golden flakes. You won’t find these things at just any party so it will add some elegance and uniqueness to your event. Gold really is the perfect theme for a 50th anniversary and it makes the planning much easier. You can even use candies covered in gold wrappers as party favors.

Most of these events are usually somewhat intimate and formal but they don’t have to be. If you would rather have a big party with live music and dancing, then share that information with the ones throwing the big bash. On the other hand, if you do want something a little more laid back and subdued, have the entire family meet at a nice restaurant to enjoy a meal together. Close friends can also be invited, especially if they’ve been a part of your life for a long time. No matter which way you go, subtle or splashy, make it a golden event you’ll never forget!

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