Planning a Wedding on a Budget: Three Tips to Cut Costs.

If your planning your big day and money is a bit tight there are certain things you can do which will help to keep the costs down. Here are three simple steps you can take which won’t detract from your wedding – in fact guests may not even notice that you have been working to a strict budget.

1) Reduce the cost of the wedding venue

When you have selected a few venues that you like it is time to start approaching them about hire costs and meal/buffet costs. First off do not say that you wish to hire the venue for a wedding. To start with just say it is for a party. Some venues hike their costs as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned.

Another tip to keep venue costs down is to have your wedding on a slightly less popular day – like a Friday. Most people want to have their wedding on a Saturday so you will stand a much better chance of securing a deal if you opt for another day. The time of the year is also a factor. Again most people opt for a spring or summer wedding so why not have a romantic winter wonderland wedding instead. Think candles and fur wraps!

2) Lowering the wine and champagne costs

Once you have secured your venue you can negotiate with them about the drink costs. Ask if you can supply your own wine and let them charge you corkage. With all the deals around in supermarkets these days you will be bound to get some decent wine for not too much. Supermarkets like Sainsburys often have wines at half price and if you can coincide that with their 25 percent off sic bottles or more offer you will end up with a whopping 60 percent plus off in total.

3) The Wedding Cake

There’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a wedding cake. Many shops such as wedding cakes phoenix do a very good range of plain wedding cakes in different sizes. This means that you will be able to create the tiered effect if you buy a small, medium and large cake. You can get either fruit cakes or sponge ones or a combination of the two. Selecting three tiers will set you back not much over fifty or sixty pounds. I recommend that you decorate the top of each layer with fresh flowers. You can get the florist who is doing your bouquet to make small arrangements for each layer which will match the flowers you have chosen for your bouquet.

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